Designer Acoustic Panels - Giving You The Perfect Interior Acoustics

For more than a dacade PerforatedAcousticPanels has continued to explore and bring to you the newest and widest array of unique acoustical wall treatments, noise control and soundproofing materials.

Please come back and visit our web site often! Technical advancments in soundproofing are made every month, and we are committed to presenting you with the most educational, informative up-to-date information each and every month!

Decorative acoustical panel products are designed to provide a highest degree of aesthetics combined with the highest sound proofing and acoustical performance. We broke the mold when it comes to optimizing acoustical performance versus cost. Our recommendations will show you proven but seldom considered ways on how you can get a better "Bang for the Buck" when it comes to architectural and institutional acoustical and soundproofing solutions.

perforated wood acoustic panel

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